What, and why?

Nudes are timeless. The female form has always been intriguing, and nude art has has played its role trough centuries. Todays nude photography is mostly divided in glamour, esthetic/abstract and eroticism.  I found an emptiness to be filled on the level of building a story, creating poetry or showing the personality of the model. In the photos I make, models are not subject to art, they are the art.

Altough I have an instagram account, my work is not meant to gather as many likes or followers as possible. It is a tool, to bring my art closer to collectors. And by collectors, I mean You. People with a vision, an imagination, righteous people.
My images will never be sold digitally. The value of each individual print will therefore continue to increase.

Fairtrade and upcycling.

Buying directly from an artist feels good. You get yourself, (or a person you love), a piece of art to cherish. Yet you know you are supporting others: artists that try to make a living, by creating joy for the eyes of others. I could not this alone. Sold works will result in a profit that is shared with the models, and eventual stylists, make up & hair styllist that contributed to creating the photo.

On a regular base, collectable limited and signed museum quality fine art prints will be offered for sale. Next to that, every now and then unique photos will be sold mounted in an perfectly matching vintage reused photoframes.